Amplified Decision Making.

Making a clear decision is super hard when you’re fighting bias and ego. Sparel is a lightweight mental-modeling tool designed to help you make better strategic and leadership decisions.

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Decision making is hard, especially when everyone has varied techniques, with unpredictable results. At the same time, we’re blocked by constraints, fears, emotions, bias, and lack of knowledge.

When you bring your problem to Sparel, you'll start to understand where the missing gaps are and discover better ways to approach decision-making. Even if you don't know where to start, Sparel is deeply insightful and combines mental model techniques so that you can focus on the actual problem.

Fluid Problem-Solving

Sparel helps you consolidate your problem structured around the practices of science so that you can focus on finding solutions at 10,000ft, not figuring out how to use the tool.

Built-in Co-Pilot

Sparel is freakin' smart. We spoke to teachers, scientists, and engineers and built a clever insights engine to help guide you through problem-solving. Sort of like having a co-worker that gives you hints on how to solve the problem.

For Storytellers

Show your team every detail of the problem in one consolidated view. It's perfect material for discussions.

You're not Alone!

Invite people to help solve problems! Harvest more ideas. Give and get comments on experiments.

Built to Solve Leadership
and Strategic Problems

Product Manager

How do we fix resourcing? How do I streamline the product process company-wide?

Engineering Lead / CTO

Should we refactor? Which framework or library should we use?

Human Resources

Which applicant should we choose? How do we enable personal growth?


What is our north star? What are our growth initiatives?

Non-Profit Strategists

How do we raise money? How do we build community around the cause?


How do I make my class run smoother? How do we improve engagement?

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No credit card required