Decision-making meetings
doesn't have to be painful

Decision-making meetings suck because we're easily influenced by bias, constraint, and ego. Sparel is a light-weight thought-experiment tool, giving your team structure and insight to help them make better decisions.

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Simple, but powerful

Decision-making meetings are hard. Sometimes we lack context. Passion and seniority can bury good opinions from introverts. Politics can get in the way of collaboration. It's time to rethink how we make decisions!

Add Sparel to your pre-meeting homework and gather questions and experiments. If you prefer interactive face-to-face decision-making, you can use Sparel as a moderation tool. Reduce meetings that go in circles, and make better decisions based on results, not gut-feelings.

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Structure Ideas

With Sparel, your team can structure ideas at 10,000ft. Create hypotheses and thought experiments. Spend time making decisions and less time figuring out how to make a "decision matrix" in a spreadsheet.

Built-in Co-Pilot

Sparel is freakin' smart. We spoke to teachers, scientists, and engineers and built a clever insights engine that monitors your team's decision, looking for bias and other problems that might have been missed. Sort of like having a co-worker watching your back.

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Magical Ideation

Sometimes we don't have the answers. Even worse, we can get stuck on a single solution, even if it's wrong. Sparel can help ideate with the help of integrated services like Google Books, Twitter, and OpenAI. It's kind of magical.

Invite the Team

No-fuss teamwork! Add them to projects, and harvest more ideas. Comment on experiments. Collaborate.

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2590 decision-makers are using Sparel

Sparel encourages teams to make hypotheses and experiments, breaking down information silos and increasing participation.